• Shimpei (G & Vo)
  • Bitoku (B)
  • Thor (Vo)
  • Shohei (Dr)
  • Yuki (G)

Alphoenix(アルフィニクス) : 2013年に解散したメロディックデスメタルバンドMyproofの主要メンバーであった Thor(Vo)とShimpei(G&Vo)、メタルコアバンドSailing Before The Windの創立者であるBitoku(B)、 Sailing Before The WindやPromptsでの活動経歴を持つYuki(G)らによって結成され、2015年に活動を開始。 2017年にはSerenity in Murderの元メンバーであるShohei(Dr)が正式加入した。

Reinvigorating the global death metal scene is no small task, but Alphoenix is up to the task. The Tokyo-based band is no stranger to the scene, and all of the members are seasoned musicians who have a genuine passion for melodic death metal as a genre. Together vocalist Thor, guitarist and vocalist Shimpei, bassist Bitoku, guitarist Yuki, and drummer Shohei have all played roles in some of Japan’s defining metal bands such as MYPROOF, Sailing Before The Wind, Serenity In Murder, and more. The five come together to bring a new re-fusion of melodic death metal and metalcore that pays homage to the key structural features while being bold and brash with the more experimental elements. Energetic instrumentals and crisp drum thrashing mixed in with their melodic compositions gives Alphoenix a sound that capitalizes on their strengths, and with singles like “Return of the Savior,” they showcase an immense amount of talent and dedication to their craft.